Live Streaming: The Next Big Thing in E-Commerce

Live Streaming: The Next Big Thing in E-Commerce

Here's a typical online shopping experience. You do tons of research by reading up on reviews or maybe watch one or two Youtube video along the way, open up the e-commerce site of your choice and compare prices, add the items into the shopping cart and checkout. There is very little (sometimes even no interaction) between the buyer and the seller during this process. Sometimes buyers don't even know who the seller is behind the store. The whole process is very cold where human interaction is kept to the minimal.

In a world human beings are interacting less each day, this is where Live Streaming comes in. Imagine instead of facing a wall of text and a few pictures that goes along with the process, you can finally see the face behind the store.

You can interact with the seller as if he/she is right in front of you. You can finally see the real product in all its glory as it put out for you to see via Live Streaming. You can finally have someone introduce you the product as if you were in a real life retail store and the best thing of all this is that you don't have to deal with any pushy sales tactics!

kaan live shop
Image above shows Kaan's Stream Store, world first livestream shop experiment initiated by ABN AMRO , reference

As for sellers, Live Streaming is the competitive edge. When you place your store in a conventional e-commerce website, you can't really stand out unless you are willing to spend tons of money in getting your store onto the front page via advertising dollars. There's no loyalty from buyers as they are not even aware of your store as all stores look pretty much the same.

With Live Streaming, you are able to engage your buyers directly by answering the queries and engaging them with your knowledge of your product. For once, E-Commerce is no longer a boring and passive relationship between buyers and sellers. You can finally forge a relationship with your buyers which to maintain customer retention.

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