Standout from your competition with Live Streaming

Let's do a simple experiment. Try to go to a typical e-commerce website and try searching for the items you want to sell. Go ahead while we wait. What's the result? Are you overwhelmed with choices and been think to yourself how are you suppose to standout from the competition when everyone is selling the same stuff at the same price?

Unlike conventional retail, you are currently unable to provide better service or communication with potential customers to convince them that you are a better seller. Customers are left to decide who to buy from by looking at the price differences and like previously mentioned in my article here, there is no human touch involved between buyers and sellers.

kim ace shop
Live from Kim Ace Shop, one of the prominent Daigou in Malaysia, specialized in selling cosmetics and apparels from Japan and Korea.

That is why, more and more sellers are using Live Streaming options available on Social Media to sell their stuffs. Through live streaming, sellers can finally establish a relationship with their customers by having a two way communication with buyers. Sellers, can use their charisma to convince potential on-the-fence buyers to buy by offering their expert advice on the product they are selling.

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